My Cricketing Hero Sachin, the Little Master!

Sachin Tendulkar has been the most complete batsman of all time in my eyes! His batting comprises of perfect timing, technique and that special quality given only to geniuses – anticipation.

Sachin Tendulkar 2

I have followed and admired Sachin Tendulkar since he made his test debut against Pakistan in Karachi in November 1989 until today when his international cricketing career came to an end. It’s hard to believe his wonderful journey has come to an end and he will be missed and never forgotten.  I am proud to say that I have been glued to the television or internet for most of Sachin’s 18,426 runs one-day international and  15,921 test runs. Even when India played against Sri Lanka, I would hope that Sachin scored a century and India lost!

Tendulkar 14 Jul 2007 4       Tendulkar 14 Jul 2007 3

I was fortunate enough to watch Sachin score a magnificent 171 runs on the 14th July 2007, when India played the English lions at Chelmsford Cricket Ground, where I too played cricket.  It was a Saturday, so I woke early and drove to Chelmsford in anticipation of watching Sachin bat.

Sachin  did not disappoint me. He scored a masterful and majestic century (171 runs) brushing aside a top-order collapse.  Sachin  crafted a century which was reminiscent of some his gems of the past and, despite wickets tumbling and the ball jagging around, Tendulkar chose to attack.

Sachin Tendulkar           Tendulkar 14 Jul 2007 5

He began with a -straight caress past Onions for four,  which I was accustomed to seeing when Tendulkar is in the groove His stance was upright and never did he try to swish across the line. Then, he treated the Saturday crowd to some special strokeplay – shredding Adil Rashid’s legbreaks in a sequence that read: four through cover, four through cover, six straight back.  The final session, when he went from 99 to 171, was laced with more mastery and class.

Sachin’s contribution to the game and to India is undoubted and he has provided joy to all cricket fans throughout the globe.


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