One of the 1000 Islands off the cost Jakarta : Princess ”Putri” Island

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Putri Island is one of the Thousand Islands, Indonesia which is two hours boat ride from Jakarta’s Ancol Peir. The island resort has an aquarium Tunnel, Swimming Pool, Aquarium, Tennis Court. You can also take a trip in a glass bottom Boat and also take the 5pm sunset cruise. We took the sunset cruise which was very nice!

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The Island is small and very quiet even though there are about a hundred other people spread between the wooded island. The bungalow we stayed in was very good with everything we needed for a short stay. The view from my balcony across the deep blue sea was a tonic from the polluted streets of Jakarta.

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Dive shop will organize the small boat and take you around of the surrounding atolls. We spent all day swimming in the atoll alone, with beautiful beaches and clean sea.

The menu at the restaurant was not really great and the quality of the food is just standard.

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Very good quality jetty where you can jump off and swim/snorkel over the reef. Also included in your stay is a sunset cruise (we saw dolphins).

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The price is high because they charge per person, not per room. On the other hand the price includes the boat there and back (1-1/2 hours), a sunset cruise, a glass-bottomed boat ride, and all meals, live band and singer in the evening. So I didn’t feel that it was excessively expensive.

Overall it’s a good vacation, unique experience, a suggested place to go near Jakarta.


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