Another of the beautiful 1000 islands (Pulau Seribu): “Sepa Island”!

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Sepa island is a 2 hours boat ride from Ancol peer in Jakarta. Depending on the time of year and the weather conditions, the boat ride can be smooth or very rough! We have experienced both! It is always a good idea to get on the boat early to find a good seat at the back.

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When you arrive at the Island, you will see the very pure and clear water with coral and colourful marine fish from above. The sand in the small beach is very clean and not many people around, so you can enjoy this place a lot. You can enjoy other activities, like diving, snorkeling, fishing and speedboat rides – all from the hotel.

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These rooms do have a beautiful view on to the sea from the balcony. Also bring your own beach towels as they are not provided. If you have them, also bring reef shoes and snorkel gear as the islands reef is extremely beautiful. The nature is great and this island has an interesting shipwreck dive site which is not far from this island.

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The rooms are not too deluxe but acceptable. The Penyu room we had was fine, 2 single beds and need of maintenance. Sheets were clean, bed was firm, pillows were a bit uncomfortable.

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The food is average, not too special in here, and there is live music/entertainment at dinner. Since the island is full board, the food is all Indonesian style. As a general rule, the deep fried food was the best: fried chicken and fish. Most of the vegetables were pretty good. Lots of fruit is available.

P1030901 (1024x662)

Over all, it depends on your purpose to get to this resort. If you want to find convenient and pleasant resort, you may be disappointed. If you go to this island to snorkel, dive and relax in the ocean and not in your room, you will enjoy your stay.


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