Adventure in the Jungle! Borneo. (1)

Orang Utan3

Having craved to escape from rainy Jakarta, we booked a 3 days 2 nights boat trip into the Borneo Jungle.
We departed from the Soekarno-Hatta airport at 9:00 am with Trigana Air which we never heard of… (a bit worrying)

As the Kalimantan island is approaching, the sky becomes very clear and we started to be excited.


We landed at 10am, a 1 hours flight from Jakarta. After we picked up our luggage, at the gate of the Iskandar airport, we met our tour organizer, Ruth.  She put us in a taxi and asked the driver to take us to Kumai port where our boat is waiting for us. Ruth spoke very good English so we felt very comfortable.


At the Kumai port, when we boarded our boat we met our captain Isy who was friendly and welcoming.
There are many boats near the port which are mainly for tourists or belonging to the mining industry.
We really liked our boat as it is unique with natural touch, deck chair and hammock. We even felt that other tourists were envious  when they saw our nice boat!

We found that near the sea, the water was not very clear, or, it was actually very dirty and contaminated.
Also, the forest was quite thin and we got the feeling that the destruction of the environment was really on-going in this area.

Around 12 mid-day, they served a nice lunch cooked on the boat!


As we went up the river we saw some proboscis monkeys looking down at us from the trees around the riverside.
After some time, the water becomes very clear and we could see the boundary between the clean and polluted water clearly.


Our journey/adventure had just begun….


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