Ovyond – Healthy Homemade Yogurt from Jakarta


We found while googling “Ovyond” selling healthy yogurts in Jakarta. They sell many choices of yogurts, such as Greek style, Swiss natural, Caspian, and more. You can also have them with fruits toppings (mango, blueberries, strawberries).

They come with different sizes as well (500g, 300g and 100g), and the costs varies from Rp.20,000 to Rp.90,000 per jug.

You can order by SMS, Go-jek and with other social media. We texted them and they arranged delivery with Go-jek and we paid on delivery. They were very efficient and response was quick and with perfect English. When my order was delivered, there was a happy surprise, a bonus 100g Caspian yogurt for a trial!



We already tasted Greek yogurt with blueberry and mango, and were very happy with the taste 🙂  We will order from them again definitely!


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