Tasty Greek food in South Jakarta!

IMG-20160110-00037 (2)

Having heard of this restaurant from our gastro mania friend, we were not sure if we can find good Greek food (or anything close to it) in South Jakarta. Finally, we accidentally found “Gyro Alley”, a small Greek restaurant, located within a walking distance from our old apartment in Wijaya.

IMG-20160110-00020 (2)

We visited this restaurant on Sunday late lunch time and they were quite busy! We were not served for about 10 minutes so were unhappy with the service. However, we waited for a while and finally were served! The menu was limited and written in the big blackboard above the open kitchen situated at the entrance of the restaurant. There was no drink menu but we ordered ice lemon teas which were very nice and refreshing. As we both love lamb, we ordered the same dish, lamb Souvraki.

IMG-20160110-00017 (2)

We were first sat at the entrance counter on the ground floor. After a short while, we decided to sit at the nice little terrace overlooking Jl. Panglima Polim, and luckily, there was no smokers at that time.

Soon after, our lamb Souvraki arrived and we enjoyed it as it was of good quality. The meat was extremely tender and ingredients were all very fresh. In addition, it was quite filling. (All the menu items, especially the Souvrakis cost around Rp 55,000 – 60,000.) Chilli source was also spicy, tasty and added a punch to the meal.

IMG-20160110-00031 (2)

The décor of the restaurant was also nice and inspiring. Overall, we were quite happy with the place and will come back again!



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