Cycling in the beautiful tablelands of Bali



We were picked up from our hotel in a mini-van by our guide, Made, and taken north, to the beautiful (and surprisingly cool) tablelands of Bali.

It was about an hour and a half drive and Made used the time to talk about Balinese traditions, like the naming system and the cast system.

Coffee_beans1CoffeesPurple_Flowers Butterfly_Flower

We were first taken to a local tea/coffee plantation and shop to taste a variety of coffees and teas. The stop at the plantation was interesting and we had a lot of fun tasting all the drinks and learning about plants which some of us had never seen before.

We had a breakfast of banana pancakes and coffee (included in price) at a restaurant in the Kintamani area overlooking the stunning Mt Batur before being driven to our bikes.

Rice_fields3 PineappleCyclists2

What followed next was a two-hour mostly downhill run, winding through back lanes, tiny villages and rice fields.

We stopped whenever someone in our party wanted to – which was often- as we chatted with school children, toddlers, rice farmers, even a family making bricks from hand on the side of the road.

We also walked through a rice paddy field and got to sift some rice. Finally, we were brought into the home of Yoga, the owner of Halo Bike Tours.

We’d never been inside a Balinese family compound before and Yoga showed us around their home where we saw the family temple.

Yoga’s wife prepared a six-course buffet – real, home-made Balinese food, not restaurant food….and it was divine.

You don’t need to be fit for the tour as it’s 90 per cent downhill and we breezed through the day. Definitely worth the 400,000 IDR per adult each.


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