Mung Beans Dessert

I have been craving for something sweet to eat… So, I decided to make myself a dessert with mung beans which I bought during the last visit to China this lazy Saturday.

Mung beans are easy to cook as they do not need to be soaked in water before its use.



Mung Beans Soup
[Ingredients: serving 4]
– Dried mung beans: 100g
– Sugar: 50g
– Glutinous rice flour: 1 cup
– Water (for Glutinous rice flour): 50cc
– Goji berry

1) Pour water into a deep pan and boil the dried mung beans for about 30 minutes until they become soft.
2) Add sugar to 1) and keep boiling for a furher 15 minutes.


3) In a separate bowl, mix the glutinous rice flour with water. Be careful not to add too much water. You can have a better texture when the amount of water is moderately low.
4) Next, form the dough into small balls (dumpling).
5) Heat water in a pan and add the dumplings boiling point. After adding the dumplings, stir the pan with a rice paddle or similar and wait until they float.
6) Boil at high heat for 2 to 3 minutes and gradually the dumplings will start to float. When all the dumplings have floated, boil for a further 1 minute and remove the dumplings from the pan and cool them in cold water.
7) Place 2) into a serving bowl followed by the dumplings. Sprinkle goji berry to entertaining your eyes!

A good healthy dessert!!


Tea for Well Being and Beauty from Beijing

We found a nice Chinese tea shop called ZHENCHALIN in Nanluoguxiang. (According to Rom, it is very Japanese…)
They have variety of nicely packaged herbal teas and also some beautiful tea sets. As I have been suffering from air-conditioner sickness, I choose this “Special Tea” to see if it will help me recover. This tea is said to be good for warming up the body, improving the blood circulation, easing stomach and intestines disorders, preventing air-conditioner sickness, soothing the throat, dieting and putting you into calm mood. All of it good for women!
店内には、きれいにパッケージされたハーブティーや茶器のセットが色々あります。私はジャカルタでクーラー病に悩まされていたので、「Special Tea」というお茶を買ってみました。このお茶は、身体をあたため、血行を良くし冷え性、生理不順、胃腸炎、クーラー病、のどの不快感、いらいら等に効果があると言われています。女性におすすめのようです。


They have 8 different kind of herbal teas, each has its own healing effect: Special Tea, Relax Tea, Refresh Tea, Warmth Tea, Healthy Tea, Sparkle Tea, Black Rice Tea and Detox Tea. You can try all of them in the shop before you purchase. It seems their original shop was in Shanghai. They even have HP in Japanese language!


It is vey good to try it in a glass or a white mug so that you can see and enjoy the beautiful color of the tea!

No. 43 Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng-District, Beijing, China
Tel: 010-64038610

Long weekend in Beijing

We arrived in foggy Beijing Friday afternoon and were told that this is mainly due to pollution. However, Saturday and Sunday were very pleasant with bright sunshine and clear blue skies.

DSC01624 (768x1024)

We visited the Great Wall at the location a little bit out of the city centre. On the way up, we took the cable lift (like a ski lift without any protection around!) and we took an “exciting and fun” slider on the way down. On the way to the Great Wall, we stopped at a nice local restaurant where you can catch fish to be cooked. Our Chinese friends ordered a feast for us!

DSC01689 (1024x768)

We were dropped off at the Nan Luo Guxiang where we found recently renovated shops in attractive little streets. Gift/souvenir shops, food shops! We bought some teas and had some food.

DSC01698 (1024x768)

DSC01696 (1024x960)

We visited Jingshan park and climbed to the top with the grand view of the forbidden city.

DSC01739 (1024x768)

Jiaolou was lighted up nicely at night.

DSC01754 (1024x768) DSC01747 (1024x768)

Must visit, Tiananmen Square!

DSC01764 (1024x768) DSC01759 (1024x768)

Hiroko visited Qianmen while Rom was busy working!

DSC01711 (1024x768)

Thanks to our Chinese friends, we really had a pleasant stay in Beijing!